vernon francois sleep in silk cap

This doubles as a scarf and a bonnet that you can tie tightly around your head to protect your edges and prevent your cap from slipping off mid-sleep. If your braids are constantly in tight looks (like high ponytails, buns, dutch braids, etc), they’re more at risk for frizz, breakage and weakening along the roots and edges. My grandmother is partial to a bonnet with ruffled edges that covers her rows of rollers, while my mom ties a scarf over her locs. If you are using a bonnet, simply pop it on over your pineapple(s) or braids. I thought others were likely to prefer Target over Walmart, so I’d do a Target one too. Okay, this last item might be a bit of a me thing, but I thought I’d share it anyway. Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to click the link and make a purchase, I might make a small commission. While there’s documented evidence that silk pillowcases might reduce acne, other skin benefits – such as reducing wrinkles – are mostly anecdotal. Fast forward now, I can’t see myself ever sleeping without my curly hair night cap because there are so many benefits that make my morning routines easier.

★We made the silky side on the outside to make the nightcap look better. This post will help you get the look and feel from the comfort of home. Let me know if you guys are interested in posts like this for other retailers and I’ll add them to my blog post ideas list. It’s protein-free. It’s very subjective, but I like how this line smells, too! It’s difficult to show you with photos, but check out this helpful video that will show you step by step what you need to do. My goal with this starter kit is to give you everything you’ll need to get started on the curly girl method with wavy hair. Most people who start the curly girl method begin to only wash their hair a couple of times a week. The car’s owner, Tracey Drawwater, has shared the clip online in a bid to find the group, who she described as ‘vile little scumbags’. I use butterfly clips often to clip back the front sections of my hair and let the curlier parts of my hair in the bottom layers show through. During my hair transition, I found that some sections of my hair bounced back faster than others.

Using regular towels roughs up hair cuticles and creates little areas of frizz while the hair is still wet – but of course, I thought that if I was gentle enough with my towel, I wouldn’t have that problem. 6. Sock Bun. Although sleeping with long hair wet may lead to split ends and is not advisable, sometimes you don’t have time to blow-dry or air-dry it. Protein treatment. You may choose to skip buying a protein treatment. It is not heavy, I have even heard fine-haired wavies say their hair loves this protein mask. I generally advise that wavies stay away from SheaMoisture, most of their products just aren’t really made for our hair type. When my daughter was a toddler, I learned that this night time routine for short natural hair helped define her ringlet curls overnight. My Walmart curly girl method starter routine & starter kit post has been pretty popular.

Not everyone needs to do protein treatments when they are new to the curly girl method. If your hair is dyed, heat damaged or fine-textured (meaning your individual strands are “baby fine”), then your hair likely will benefit from protein treatments. We know it’s hard when you want to be looking glam every single day, but try to keep the heat and styling down to the bare minimum if you want to see great results. Scrunchies are great for wavy/curly hair because they allow you to put your hair up without denting or mishappening your curls. These are the ones I use, but these also have great reviews and are under $20. I have tried the avocado, coconut and banana variations of these and enjoyed them all. At less than $7 each, I was tempted to stock up and buy a ton of these, silk sleep bonnet but I personally found that only needed two – so I always have one in case the other one needs a wash. I strongly suggest investing in one that is silk or satin lined. As an added plus, I’ve also heard sleeping on silk is good for your skin.