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CAPOTE – ( ka pote ) – Close fitting bonnet with rigid brim, either of straw or boned into shape. Snug fitting head covering, usually with partial brim or visor. CARDINAL’S HAT – ( from 13c. ) Red hat with short, rounded crown and broad flat brim. The hat has a low melon-shaped crown and a rounded brim that turns up at the sides. BOWLER – ( bole er ) -A stiff felt hat with a round crown and small brim rolled slightly on the sides. In 1850, William Bowler made a hard felt hat, designed by the London hatter, Lock, for Sir William Coke. Also SOUTH ARFICAN SAFARI HAT, CADDIE, CADDY, SLOUCH HAT can be grouped as similar types of hats. BUMPER BRIM – Hat with a tubular shaped brim. Size of brim and crown varies. CAPELINE – ( cap e lin ) – Hat with small round crown and a wide, floppy brim. CAP – Of ancient origin. Remember that chlorine and salt water may cause damage to the hair of lace wig, so you need to wear a swim cap during swimming or wash the lace wig after swimming to avoid chlorine and salt water left on the hair of your wig.

This weekend, outspoken comedienne Mo’nique posted a video, posed the question if “yung sistas” who wear bonnets or slippers in public have lost a sense of pride in their appearance. The hat shape was adapted for women and children, accepted for town wear by men until WW II. CABRIOLET BONNET – (kab ree o leh, kab ree ah leh ) – Large 19c. bonnet with brim, suggesting shape of two wheeled carriage top. Named after folding top of calash or light carriage. CAPUCHON – ( kap yoo chin ) – Medieval pointed hooded cape, the top stiffened down the center. Brush on top of center front. The silk base offers the most realistic scalp and the lace front offers the most natural hairline. BOUDOIR CAP – ( boo dwar ) – Softly shirred cap with a lace ruffle. BUSBY – ( buz bi ) – A tall, cylindrical fur cap with regimental colored bag like ornament hanging form the top, over the right side.

They would like to have a three-piece suit. Box like cap, wired and draped with sheer veiling so that it stands out like butterfly wings. Adaptation of Juliet cap, worn on back of head. If you choose a more basic sleep cap, then it can easily be dressed up and worn during the day. Then I remembered I had these lovely pearl beads that my sister, who makes wedding gowns in Maryville, Tennessee, gave me. If you wake up and feel that your hair has literally been breaking in your sleep then this vegan friendly bonnet is your saviour. Using cotton or flannel pillowcases can cause your hair to pull. I may use cotton or silk organdy for the lining and a longer ribbon for the trim, add some ties and maybe a flower at the base of each side. Soft, shirred crown , ribbon bows tied under the chin, Victorian 19c. with deep ruffle in back. The CAVALIER hat had the crown circled with jewelled necklace or a gem encrusted silk band. CANOTIER – ( kan o tyay ) – French version of the straw sailor hat, with straight brim, flat crown. BRETON SAILOR – ( bret on ) – ( French, bretonh ) Woman’s hat with a brim that turns up evenly all around, originally a masculine hat worn by the Bretons..

BUSH HAT – Wide-brimmed man’s felt hat, turned up brim at one side. BYCOCKET, BYCOKET – ( by cock et ) High crowned hat with wide brim that is peaked in front and turned up in back . The front of your bonnet should rest just above the eyebrows. Ivory silk gown with a detailed front panel embroidered in swirls and twirls of ivory and gold thread, with extra definition provided by the gold metallic thread which is carried through into the ornate lace, again decorated with swirls of ivory and gold metallic thread. Arrangement covered with net of silver or gold cord, inter spaced with jewels and beads. By putting it up, makes it easier to stay put and in one place. Puffed-up bonnets can be quite annoying at night, but you’ll be good with one of these. Except that I don’t have a baby, so wool is a good substitute, right? Three emus have been deliberately run down and left to suffer a painful death on a Victorian country road in a horrific case of animal cruelty.

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